Mortal Kombat X Top 5 PRO TIPS and TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial)

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This Mortal Kombat X PRO TIPS and TRICKS Strategy Guide Tutorial discusses a number of different gameplay strategies and goes into great detail about my TOP 5 favorite TIPS and TRICKS to help you gain the upper hand on your opponent in Mortal Kombat X. TIP #1 - FOOTSIES - This is a zoning tool used to keep a perfect distance in between you and your enemy in order to take advantage of baiting your opponent into using their attacks or utilizing the length of yours. You can manage this "Footsies" distance by poking your opponent with the button press "DOWN-B" which in turn causes them to take two steps backwards. The other way is by unexpectedly moving backwards either after a knockdown or before your opponent attempts to get off a combo set. TIP #2 - 40% X RAY - Many people struggle with performing X-Ray combos over 40% damage because they assume you have to string together a difficult button sequence in order to do so. However, this is simply not true. Every character in the game has a very easy 1-4 Hit combo that when combined with an X-Ray, will do over 40% Damage. TIP #3 - TOE TAG KOMBOS - This is any type of combo move set that utilizes both high and low strikes. This forces your opponent to block both high and low which is difficult to perform under the pressure of a versus match. This is important because if either of your strikes happens to land, it will break your opponents guard, which can possibly set up 20, 30, or even 40% combos. TIP #4 - MIX UPS - This is when you continuously "Mix Up" your fighting style throughout a match in order to remain as unpredictable as possible. An effective way to do this is by learning 2 types of TOE TAG KOMBOS that start a specific way. One of them has to start with a OVERHEAD strike and the other has to start with a LOW strike. This causes your opponent to play the "Guessing Game" of how to effectively block you. Another way to utilize "Mix Ups" is by taking advantage of RESETS. These can be preformed by grappling your opponent and quickly pressing the Right Trigger or by canceling out a combo and an unexpected time. TIP #5 - CORNER TRAPPING - This is when you or your opponent is forced to remain on the very left or right side of the stage. You are at a disadvantage in these locations if your BACK is to the stage wall because you can no longer fall further backwards. This make you easier to juggle and your movement more predictable. To trap your opponent in the corners, force them there by using any type of "Knock Down" combo set. Once he or she is in the corner, you want to utilize your TOE TAG KOMBOS, MIX UPS, and FOOTSIES in order to keep them there as long as possible. If you enjoyed this Mortal Kombat X Top 5 PRO TIPS and TRICKS Strategy Guide Tutorial then feel free to: Comment / Share / Thumbs Up / Subscribe *SOCIAL NETWORKS* Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Twitch - TLG Website - I here VERIFY that I have PURCHASED and OWN receipt proof for the USAGE RIGHTS to all MUSIC and SOUND content used within this video. The following files were used: - "The Internet" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Contributing Artist: Team Green - "Buzzy" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Contributing Artist: Kustom Beatz