COD Advanced Warfare BEST DAMN Class LOADOUT (In-Depth Analysis)

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This Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Tips and Tricks In-Depth Analysis covers over the entire Multiplayer Class Loadout Setup and discusses the best options to choose for each section. After discussing your choices, the video moves into multiplayer gameplay footage of me utilizing each selection. Primary Weapon: AK12 - This weapon actually has the highest damage rating of all the other Automatic Assault Rifles. It also has the highest Mobility Rating to help maneuver throughout the map or within a firefight. Attachments: Silencer - Stock - QuickDraw Grip - First you must select the WILD CARD that allows for a third attachment. The silencer is very important for the simple fact that you want to stay off the enemies radar as often as possible. The other two attachments are beneficial during gunfire. The Stock helps with vertical and lateral movement such as strafing. The QuickDraw Grip allows you to aim down your sights faster, which will help a lot during one-on-one gunfights. Secondary: NONE - Picking a secondary weapon is pointless because it waists a Loadout Point, plus any weapon you pick up during a multiplayer match is going to benefit you more then any of the secondary weapon options available in the Class Loadout Screen. Perks: Low Profile - Blast Suppressor - Hardline - First you need to select the WILD CARD allowing you to choose a second PERK 3. Low profile is the most important PERK 1 option because your key to survival is staying off of your opponents radar. The same applies to the Blast Suppressor. However, your second PERK 3 should either be Toughness to help in shootouts or your should choose Hardline. This is going to allow you to unlock your Scorestreaks faster in order to boost your K/D as fast as possible. Exo Equipment: Tracking Drone - There is no need for an Exo Ability because they are simply not as useful as an additional Loadout Point. The Tracking Drone is the Exo Launcher you want to choose because locating enemies on your radar can mean the difference between life and death. ScoreStreaks: UAV, Missle Strike, Vulcan (With Upgrade) - Choosing Scorestreaks that are relatively close together in value will help create a chain reaction of unlocking them during a multiplayer match and will essentially help boost your K/D. The UAV is perhaps the most underrated Scorestreak in the game because of how much it benefits your team as a whole. The Missile Strike is the next choice because of it's effectiveness. I rarely don't get a kill while using it. Plus, it has great potential to pick up more than one kill. Your last choice is the Vulcan with the "Extra Burst" upgrade because the Vulcan's effectiveness allows you to grab a number of easy kills. It is also very quick to use so enemies don't have much time to get to cover. Plus an addition burst gives you a second chance at boosting your K/D even more. If you enjoyed this Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay Tips and Tricks Video then feel free to: Comment / Share / Thumbs Up / Subscribe *SOCIAL NETWORKS* Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Twitch - TLG Website - I here VERIFY that I have PURCHASED and OWN receipt proof for the USAGE RIGHTS to all MUSIC and SOUND content used within this video. The following files were used: - "Buzzy" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Contributing Artist: Kustom Beatz - "Basic B!tch" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Contributing Artist: Kustom Beatz