What happened at G20 Summit when PM Modi Meets Obama? Modi's speech, Hits Pakistan 5th Sep

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If you are not new to the colourful and seemingly endless meme industry that runs the Internet, you will know that there's a bit of a joke about Prime Minister Narendra Modi looking into a camera. Any camera. Which is why it's always a surprise when photos like these pop up. The images are from the G-20 Hangzhou Summit in China held on September 4 and 5 where world leaders came together to discuss global issues such as trade and terrorism, among others. The leaders looked like they are in a chatty mood. Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2016/09/06/this-perfectly-timed-photo-of-modi-and-obama-at-the-g20-summit-i/ Related News abstract: This Perfectly-Timed Photo Of Modi And Obama At The G20, Photo of Narendra Modi following Obama is hilarious and has Twitterati obviously going crazy over it! The Indian Express, Twitter cracks up at Modi-Obama image from G20 summit- Deccan Chronicle, Loved Modi-Obama bonhomie during their earlier meetings? You can't miss this viral picture-Financial Express , Isolate supporters and sponsors of terror: PM Modi at BRICS leaders' meeting-Times of India, Modi at G20 -Chandigarh Tribune , Pakistan, terrorism, Scorpene leak: What PM Modi said during the G20 summit in China-Firstpost , Twitter cracks up at Modi-Obama image from G20 summit-Deccan Chronicle, PM Modi raises black money, tax evasion at G20-Business Standard, One nation in South Asia spreading terrorism: PM Modi at G20 Summit-Times of India, 'One nation in South Asia is spreading terror in the region'-The Hindu, Modi balances ties by praising Obama after talks with Xi Jinping-The Hindu, G20: Modi takes a dig at Pakistan, says one single nation in South Asia is spreading terror-India Today, G20 Summit: PM Modi Takes On Economic Offenders-The Indian Express, 'One single nation' spreading terror: Modi indicts Pak in G20 speech-Hindustan Times, One nation in South Asia spreading terror: PM Narendra Mod-The Indian Express, One single nation in South Asia spreading terror, PM Modi tells G20-Business Standard, 10 best pics of PM Narendra Modi from the G20 summit-Daily News & Analysis, PM Narendra Modi leaves for home after attending G20 Summit -The Indian Express, Prime Minister Narendra Modi backs G20's efforts to tackle terrorism, corruption-Times of India, G20 Summit: Track down and unconditionally extradite money launderers and tax offenders: PM Modi, Modi's position in G20 group photo shows he's important in China's eyes: Expert-Hindustan Times, Top quotes from PM Narendra Modi's speech at G20 summit-The Indian Express, PM Modi Singles Out Pakistan At G20 Summit For Spreading Terror-NDTV, G20 summit: Modi takes indirect jibe at Pak, says one nation in South Asia spreading terror-Economic Times