PHP MySQL database connections

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PHP MySQL database connections === DISCLAIMER ======================================= DUOSHIRO Shopping - Courses has been approved by Skillshare as an Skillshare Ambassador in the Skillshare´s Affiliates Program in order to sell courses. The communication channel approved by Skillshare was this YouTube channel. The videos shown in this channel are only the PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS that content creators make available to everyone over the internet to watch in the courses landing page to sell the courses. IMPORTANT: WE ARE NOT STEALING CONTENT NEITHER WE HAVE ACCESS TO INTERNAL COURSE FILES TO MAKE THEM AVAILABLE IN THIS CHANNEL. This is against YouTube and Skillshare policy. If you would like to check, you can ask the affiliate program staff to check for the Account ID: 356704 (DUOSHIRO Shopping - Courses). If you would like you can contact us by e-mail: [email protected] You should receive a reply within 48 hours. === COURSE INFO ====================================== Learn to connect to a MySQL database with PHP code how to select, update, delete, insert content to a MySQL database Learn how to use a MySQL database and access data within your PHP code.  MySQL is the most popular database used by PHP.  Its works really well and smoothly with PHP code and is an ideal solution for storing information and utilising that data within your web projects.  Do you need a database within you website? Database can help with information management and run as a the data source for dynamic websites.   MySQL is the perfect solution for any size application.   Its fast and reliable and best of all easy to use.    This course covers multiple methods of connecting to a MySQL database.  Avoid the confusion of only one way, we show you three ways to connect to a MySQL database via PHP code. Top resources, source code and more is provided to get you started quickly. *Learn how to connect to a database *Create databases *Create tables *Insert records into a MySQL database *Return ids of inserted records *Delete records  *Update records *Create querries to interact with database content *phpmyadmin and how to use it By the end of the course we show how to use a database within your PHP code I am here to help you learn how to create your own websites and ready to answer any questions you may have. Want to know more, what are you waiting for take the first step.  Join now to start learning how you too can add a database to your website today. === COURSE LINK ====================================== Course Link: === MORE LINKS ======================================= Creative Courses: Business Courses: Technology Courses: Lifestyle Courses: