Rainbow Six Siege TOP 5 Pro TIPS & TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial)

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This video runs down the Rainbow Six Siege TOP 5 Pro TIPS & TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial) for online multiplayer. Throughout the video, I discuss each tip in great detail, revealing how to best go about utilizing them and then showcase a number of gameplay clips to act as visual examples. The following TIPS and TRICKS are mentioned: TIP ONE (Cam Breach) To properly enter a building through a window, first break down the window barrier and then throw a camera drone inside. Once an enemy has been located, begin entering the room. The trick here is to aim down the barrel of your weapon in the direction of the enemy opponent WHILE you are swinging in through the window. Once he or she has entered your line of sight, begin firing. TIP TWO (Lone Wolfing) At the beginning of a round, have your teammates set up defensive positions relatively close to the objective. Then acting as a "Lone Wolf," head to an unexpected location on the map and wait for the round to begin. What happens is very often the enemy team carelessly enters the building because they have located a number of your teammates on their camera drones before the round began. If they happen to make this mistake, catch them by surprise and come up from behind. TIP THREE (Safe Strafe) To safely make your way into a room, begin by aiming down the barrel of your weapon through a specific doorway. Then without entering the room itself, continuously "Strafe" side to side, each time revealing a better visual of what's inside. Make sure to aim about "Chest Level High" off of the ground because this allows you to only have to slightly adjust your aim in order to land a critical strike during your next "Strafe." TIP FOUR (Peeping Tom) This trick involves the defensive strategy of punching a hole in a breakable surface in order to give you a better visual or "Line of Sight" on enemy opponents. However, the biggest mistake players make when utilizing this strategy is creating these "Lines of Sight" within the objective room itself. What I recommend is that players create a private match of each one of the multiplayer maps. Then look for breakable surfaces that might give you a better visual of the doorways and halls OUTSIDE of the objective rooms. This seems to be the time and location that enemy teams are at their most vulnerable, due to the fact that they have already made their way through a large portion of the map and are most likely assuming that YOU and the rest of your teammates are INSIDE the objective room. TIP FIVE (Drop N' Shop) Many players are familiar with whats known as a "Decoy Breach." This is when your are using a breach charge simply as a distraction in order to give you a better opportunity of getting inside the objective room. My advise involving this strategy would be to blow a "Trap Door" in the ceiling of the object room very early in the round to increase the likelihood of the enemy team forgetting about it. Then, once you have set up your "Decoy Breach", make your way back up stairs and enter through the trap door as you blow it. If you enjoyed this Rainbow Six Siege TOP 5 Pro TIPS & TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial) then feel free to: Comment / Share / Thumbs Up / Subscribe *OPERATION SUPPLY DROP* https://fundraise.operationsupplydrop.org/thuglyfegaming *SOCIAL NETWORKS* Instagram - www.instagram.com/thuglyfegaming Facebook - www.facebook.com/thuglyfegaming Twitter - www.twitter.com/thuglyfegaming Twitch - www.twitch.tv/thuglyfegaming/profile TLG Website - www.thuglyfegaming.com I here VERIFY that I have PURCHASED and OWN receipt proof for the USAGE RIGHTS to all MUSIC and SOUND content used within this video. The following files were used: www.20DollarBeats.com - "One Day" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson