CoD: Advanced Warfare TOP 5 PRO TIPS (Multiplayer Tutorial)

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Learn the CoD: Advanced Warfare TOP 5 PRO TIPS for Multiplayer. I run through 5 different Strategy Guide Tips that will help you preform better online. This tutorial is going to better your K/D and help you to start PWNING some NOOBS in online multiplayer. Tip 1 - Playing Possum - Once you kill an opponent or notice a dead body on the ground. Surprise your enemy by going prone / laying down on top of his dead body. To other players, it simply looks like two dead bodies next to each other. You'll have the jump on your opponent and most likely pick up some kills. Tip 2 - Peekaboo - The Exo-Shield might be the most underutilized exo ability in the game but that doesn't mean it isn't effective to use. Use the shield to your advantage by using it to "PEEK" inside rooms that you know enemy opponents might reside in. Once you have your opponents location. His / Her chances of survival just went down. Tip 3 - Door Knocking - The most common times players get caught off guard during a multiplayer match is when he or she is running through an EXIT or ENTRANCE to an area. To help better your K/D and chances of survival, aim down your sights through every doorway and entrance on a multiplayer map. To help even more I would recommend the "Stock" perk for assault rifles. Tip 4 - Use the U.A.V. - After playing 9 straight matches with complete strangers, I found that I won all 5 that I used my UAV and lost the 4 that I didn't. I personally think this speaks volumes for how effective it is towards your TEAM. However it also helps you to pick up kills and allows you to more easily unlock SCORESTREAKS that require more than an EVEN HUNDRED points. Tip 5 - Hopscotch - CoD Advanced Warfare seems to have split the SPAWN LOCATIONS for each map into 4 separate quarters and will spawn you within the quarter that has the LEAST amount of activity. But that doesn't mean there wont be an enemy right in front of you when you spawn. So now use this knowledge to your advantage and predict where enemies are spawn by using your mini-map or press the "Start" button for a full view of the map. *SOCIAL NETWORKS* Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Twitch - TLG Website - I here by VERIFY that I have PURCHASED and OWN receipt proof for the USAGE RIGHTS to all MUSIC and SOUND content used within this video. The following files were used: - "Can't Bring Me Down" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Contributing Artist: Freek Van Workum - "Mondays Off" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Contributing Artist: Kustom Beatz