Black Ops 3 Top 5 PRO TIPS & TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial)

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This video runs down the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Top 5 PRO TIPS & TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial) for online multiplayer. Throughout the video, I discuss each tip in great detail revealing how to best go about utilizing them and then showcase a number of gameplay clips to act as visual examples. The following TIPS and TRICKS are mentioned: TIP ONE (Stick & Move) For this tip, head over into your BUTTON LAYOUT settings and change it to "Stick and Move." This changes your RIGHT THUMBSTICK to now be your JUMP BUTTON. This layout is provides you with the benefit of being able to jump, turn, aim-down-sight, and shoot all at the same time. The BUMBER JUMPER layout is also useful but the issue with this one in particular is that when pressing the LEFT BUMPER to jump, you are taking your pointer finger off of the "Aim-Down-Sight" button. This makes it less effective for killing. TIP TWO (Trip Mines) When first using the Trip Mines in Black Ops 3, I noticed I was getting too many "Hit-Markers" when placing them on ground level. After studying gameplay over the last month, I've noticed that in terms of height, when I place the Trip Mines above "WAIST LEVEL" I tend to pick up many more kills. This small change can make the difference between Re-Spawning and unlocking your Scorestreaks. If you are not a fan of utilizing them as traps, you can also use them as thrown explosives. This comes in handy when you don't want to risk going towards a specific high traffic pathway. TIP THREE (FLANKENSTEIN) There is one specific gameplay strategy that I use about 24/7 that involves flanking the enemy team. During a match, stick towards the outskirts of the environment and work your way behind the enemy team. Strike them from behind, coming up directly through the middle of the map. After eliminating any or all enemies, take a quick glance at your mini-map. Decide where you think the enemy team might me spawning based off of the locations of your teammates. Obviously they will be spawning on the opposite side. Then simply repeat the process of working your way around and behind them. TIP FOUR (Penguin Slide) This tip helps prevent getting killed by "Campers." When you come to a doorway that your think a camper might be on the other side of, hold down your crouch button while sprinting to SLIDE through it. Then, using the last of your "Boost Meter", JUMP up into the air, turning around to look for enemy opponents. This trick is effective because the SLIDE mechanic in the game is extremely fast, which makes it quite difficult for campers to react to. The boost JUMP at the end simply makes it more difficult to stay aimed at you. TIP FIVE (SCORESTREAKS) Head over into the SCORESTREAKS portion of the menu. Then, make the following three selections. Your first selection can be whatever you prefer to start building up your points with. However, the next TWO are very important. Your second selection should be the WRAITH and the third selection should be the R.A.P.S. During your multiplayer match, once you have unlocked the WRAITH, wait until you have unlocked the R.A.P.S and call THEM out first. Only THEN should you call out the WRAITH. The reason this is more effective is because the drones on the ground act as a distraction for your WRAITH to pick up kills. If they turn their attention towards the WRAITH, the drones will then most likely kill them as well. It's the effectiveness of this combination that well most likely boost your Kill/Death Ratio. If you enjoyed this Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Top 5 PRO TIPS & TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial) then feel free to: Comment / Share / Thumbs Up / Subscribe *OPERATION SUPPLY DROP* *SOCIAL NETWORKS* Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Twitch - TLG Website - I here VERIFY that I have PURCHASED and OWN receipt proof for the USAGE RIGHTS to all MUSIC and SOUND content used within this video. The following files were used: - "Crossed That Line" - Payments made out to RJ Interactive - Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson