Bob The Train | Adventure Series | ABC Adventure | Shapes Song

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VISIT OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE : WATCH KIDS TV VIDEOS ON OUR WEBSITE : Visit us on: Check out our new channel "FARMEES" : Check out the new Bob The Train video here: Follow us on FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WORD PRESS: PINTEREST: Bob The Train can never get tired of making you little ones laugh and sing and dance. He has so many adventures to share! So many baby songs and nursery rhymes to sing! He can teach you'll so much about every day things. Even parents love Bob for this and we also know you kids adore him back equally. So we though we'll give you'll some, much cherished time to spend with your favorite and beloved Bob The Train with this hour-long compilation. Non-stop Bob. Non-stop playtime. Non-stop happiness! This selection of nursery rhymes has the entire Bob The Train collection. Keep it safe and close by! We need you to share your joy with us!Capture your charming little babies on videos while they've forgotten about their real world and are in our world. The fascinating world of Kids TV. And send it to us at We'll help spread the message of bliss. Because happiness is the only thing you can never get enough of! Bob is a fun loving train, and will be teaching your children alphabets song and numbers song and much more in this video! One of the best Bob, the train's compilation For more videos click on the link below: Copyright © 2014 USP Studios. All Rights Reserved.